A MUST HAVE product for business entities; it allows you to manage your fleet of vehicles via our web-based system. This you can do via a computer or a windows-based phone.


  • Real -time tracking
  • History feature which does a route player showing all the routes done by a vehicle over a particular stated period of time.
  • Real time reports.
  • Immobilization of your car in case of theft and a recovery exercise thereafter.
  • Geo-fencing - a feature that creates a geozone around an area so that when your vehicle enters or leaves this area you get a notification via sms to your phone and also an alarm on the web-based system.
  • Fuel gauge on the system reflecting the amount of fuel in the vehicle.
  • Voice Surveillance – with this you can listen to activities going on in the vehicle, be it conversations or commotions. NOTE: This is optional


  • With this system you are able to efficiently keep a tab on your fleet of vehicles by controlling and monitoring them.
  • Controlled fuel consumption hence eliminating fuel theft and misuse
  • Reduced maintenance cost for your vehicles hence keeping on check their depreciation rate.
  • Increased and assured productivity of your business.
  • On-time service delivery
  • Efficient personnel management eliminating misuse cases.
  • Recovery services offered whenever we get a clue that you have been carjacked or your vehicle stolen.

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