About Geo-Sat

Geo-Sat Co Ltd is a leading, Kenya based, Vehicle Tracking, Security and Fleet Management Company. Our products range from fleet management, vehicle tracking and recovery, machinery & construction equipments tracking, and fuel systems.

At Geo-Sat Company we pride ourselves on our understanding and attention to detail, not only after the sale but also before. Our expertise in the Vehicle Tracking industry and security is unrivalled. Currently we have;

  • Vast experience in customer service
  • Experienced sales and account management team
  • Regional police and security network
  • Top notch IT and technical expertise
  • Quick response in vehicle recovery and emergency

The pooling of this resource empowers our staff the enviable position to provide practical expert advice, and help customers to make the right investment decision to satisfy their individual business needs.
Our client base spans from service engineers to haulage, construction to car hire companies, taxis, distributors, banks and financial institutions etc. At Geo-Sat, we pride ourselves on our understanding of how different industry sectors utilize Vehicle Tracking Systems within their organization.

Geo-Sat fleet management systems are usually subject to continuous development to ensure customers have both the latest technology and software available to manage and protect their remote assets.