1.  Basic alarm:

Our basic alarm will automatically lock and arm your vehicles 30 seconds after your last door shut. This will prevent any chance of the vehicles car alarm being left disabled.

The alarm can be able to lock the vehicle by itself in the event you press the unlock button by mistake. It can also auto lock in the event you leave the car unlocked.

The alarm also comes with central locking. It  Costs Kes 6500

2. Auto-watch alarm:
Prevention circuitry, which avoids unnecessary alarm activation, so you won't disturb your neighbours.
Auto-watch alarms are easy to use and engineered to be fail-safe, which means the alarm cannot be activated while you are driving.
Has an anti-hijack button only known to the user and unless presses upon vehicle ignition, it immobilizes the vehicle.

It Costs Kes 11,500

3. Personal tracker:
Used for;

  • Employee/sales team tracking
  • Children tracking
  • Motor bike tracking
  • Parcel tracking

4. Cargo Tracking

  • Electronic Cargo tracking
  • Journey logging
  • Journey start & stop
  • Battery voltage reporting