Fleet Management

  • User friendly system
  • Real time tracking (by time & distance)
  • Historical reports on vehicle movements
  • Geo-fencing
  • Remote immobilization
  • Security & vehicle recovery
  • Vehicle Scheduling
  • Internal back up battery
  • Over speeding alerts

Vehicle Tracker

  • Security & vehicle recovery
  • Remote immobilization
  • 24/7 control station
  • Surveillance escort at night


Plant & Machinery Tracking

  • Machinery& plant equipment tracking Security
  • plant recovery
  • Real time tracking(by time & distance)
  • Monitor engine hours(utilization control)
  • Allows you to enforce work zones
  • Configure maps of job sites
  • Identification of which machine is at what site

Fuel Monitor

  • Stop unauthorized access to your fuel.
  • View fuel consumption reports.
  • Fuel security & accountability.
  • Record & report fuel usage to
    other enterprises e.g ERP
  • Reduce fuel expenditure
  • Improve maintenance cost

Mobile Phone Tracker

  • With this, your worry about the safety of your phone is a thing of the past.
  • At Geo-Sat, we consider stealing of phones a joke since it is only a change of user and not change of ownership; a status that we reverse at our earliest opportunity.


GPS Car Alarm System

  • A tracking device that doubles up as a car alarm system.
  • With this all you need to secure yourself is your phone as it comes with a whole range of features that addresses all your worries.